Your New Go-To Food Guy






Susan Sontag

I'm a 20-something Tulane University graduate living in New York with my eyes set elsewhere. I've always had an interest in food but it wasn't until I stopped a dietary restriction in my sophomore year in high school that my taste for the world exploded. I needed to try every single food I could get my hands on.

I have eaten my way through over 30 countries. 

I've had camel kebabs in Morocco, crispy grasshoppers on the beaches of Mexico, fresh truffles in Croatia, and everything in between. But while I do enjoy the stranger foods, my love lies in the classics: Fresh pumpkin tortellini with local Parmigiana in Bologna, Duck confit with potato aligoté in Paris, and Wiener schnitzel in Vienna. Foreign flavors are among my favorite , however I also have extensive knowledge of the food almost everywhere in the United States. I have worked in venerable kitchens such as Commander's Palace in New Orleans and learned from the brightest minds at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Day and night, I OBSESS over food, food news, recipes, hot takes, and anything that is edible-related. If someone "walks in" on me, it means that I was looking at a menu or restaurant website. 

It absolutely kills me when people go out somewhere and don't have a good meal. If you are in New York, you should have some of the best bagels, pizza, and Chinese food imaginable. If you're in Italy, you should have the best pasta and wine of your life. Why get overwhelmed and end up with a meal that's only OK?


You deserve better. Treat yourself.