Your time and taste buds are valuable.

If you're in Rome, you don't want to be cooped up in your hotel room for 3 hours looking for "the best pasta". You've invested your time and money into this trip and you expect the "return" to be the experience.

Your Global Foodie is a small investment worth a million taste buds. 

For Your Culinary Travels

For One-Time Experiences  Near Home

For a Business Meeting

Culinary Vacation Planning Expertise

Starting at $10 per day
  • Built around your sightseeing plans 

  • Eat like a local and avoid tourist traps without the risk 

  • Enjoy every meal and know you had every brag-worthy experience on your trip 


Local Restaurant


Starting at $5 per meal
  • Discover the best up-and-coming places for your food Instagram 

  • Ensure every dinner - from first date to 1-th anniversary - goes off without a hitch 

  • Switch up your routine with an outing with friends planned by a professional 


Business Meal Coordination

Starting at $25 per meal
  • Impress clients with your sophisticated taste (and wine pairing suggestions)

  • Know that everything is taken care of well in advance 

  • Never sweat the details so you can focus on building the relationship and closing the deal